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純銀製 竹型酒器セット(非売品) Pure silver bottle and cup in the shape of bamboo tube (Not for sale)


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上川宗照(有限会社 日伸貴金属) Sousho KAMIKAWA (NISSIN kikinzoku) http://waza.tokyo/craftsman/93 ショップの価格制限のため販売はできませんが、参考作品として掲載します。 Although it cannot be sold due to price restrictions of shops, it is posted as a reference. 全てのパーツを純銀の1枚の板から伝統技法にて造形し、金鎚で加飾をして仕上げた最高峰の逸品です。 特別なお客様へのおもてなしや贈答品として末代までご使用いただけ、手にすることで心に豊かさを感じて頂ける確かな工芸品としてご好評を頂いております。 Features: All parts are modeled by traditional technique from one sheet of pure silver plate. Finished with the decoration by hammer, they maintain the highest quality. They have been taken favorably as the handcrafts which give you the richness in mind by simply holding them. Sizes: Bottle Approx. 10cm x 18cm x 12cm    Cup Approx. 5cm x 5cm x 6cm Material: Pure silver (inside bottom plate is pure gold) Delivery: 3 months after your payment (retail price) is confirmed 【参考価格 Reference price】 ・純銀製竹型酒器セット:2,000,000円(税抜) Pure silver bottle and cup in the shape of bamboo tube Retail price ¥2,000,000 ・ボトル:1,400,000円(税抜) Bottle Retail price ¥1,400,000 ・コップ:各200,000円(税抜) Cup Retail price ¥200,000 each

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