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臍帯剪刀 Scissors for Omphalotomy

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田辺医科器械製作所 TANABE ikakikai seisakusho http://waza.tokyo/craftsman/52 精密に正確に作業できるハサミです。刃の切れ味動きの滑らかさに加えバランスの良い持ちやすさが特徴的です。 一本一本手作業で、刃のあたりや動きを調整しながら作られた本品は精緻な切断が必要な模型製作等にも最適です。 臍帯とはへその緒のことです。赤ちゃんが誕生する時、へその緒を切るのに用いられるのが臍帯剪刀です。へその緒の太さに合わせ、やや大ぶりで滑らかで確実な切れ味の曲刃となっています。重量に因る安定感と刃先に至るまでの均一な切れ味は、”ハサミ”としての利用にも好適です。 These scissors will enable you to do the precise work. The sharpness of the blades, smooth movement are the characteristic of the scissors, besides, all the parts are well balanced that they fit in your hand nicely. This item is made adjusting the angle of the blades and movement one by one by hand. This item is ideal for works such as modeling where precise cut is required. The scissors for umbilical cord are used to cut umbilical cord when baby is born. This scissors are made slightly bigger to suit the thickness of the umbilical cord and the curved blades make it possible for smooth and precise cut. These scissors are ideal for daily use. They cut well and evenly to the tip of the blade and they fit in your hand very well with their weight. Total length: Approx. 157mm Length of the blade 55 mm Material : Stainless steel (some gold-plated) It takes about 1 month to make each item after your payment is confirmed. ※剪刀は普通のハサミよりも先端が鋭利なので、ご使用の際には細心の注意が必要です。
同封の注意書きを良くお読みになり、正しくご使用ください。 The tips of these otological scissors are very sharp compared to ordinary scissors. Therefore, you should be very careful when you use them. Please refer to enclosed instruction and use them in a proper way. ※本製品は人及び動物の臨床目的には使用出来ません。 This product cannot be used for actual treatment for human nor animal.

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