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銀製 能面根付 翁 Silver netsuke modeled on Noh mask “Okina”

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上川宗照(有限会社 日伸貴金属) Sousho KAMIKAWA (NISSIN kikinzoku) http://waza.tokyo/craftsman/93 翁とは、天下泰平、五穀豊穣、子孫繁栄などをもたらす神とされる能面です。本商品は、益々の福徳と繁栄を祈念して製作をした根付タイプの逸品で、ご自身のお守りや記念品、贈答品としてご好評を頂いております。 Okina is a god supposed to bring peace, fertility, prosperity of descendant. This netsuke is an excellent piece which has been made with a wish you more happiness and prosperity. It has been taken favorably as the lucky charm or the best gift item. Size: Approx. 4.5cm x 1.8cm Material: Silver 925 (body) Mat gold plate finish It takes about 1 month to make each item after your payment is confirmed.

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