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手打ち菓子切 Handcraft small knife to cut Japanese style sweets

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上川宗照(有限会社 日伸貴金属) Sousho KAMIKAWA (NISSIN kikinzoku) http://waza.tokyo/craftsman/93 やさしい鎚目の煌きと、しっかり手に馴染む形状や切れ味が特徴的な銀製の手打ち菓子切です。特別なお客様へのおもてなしや記念品、贈答品としてご好評を頂いております。 The hammer marks give special glitter to this handcraft silver knife which nicely fits in your hand and has excellent sharpness. They have been taken favorably as the item not only to entertain your special guests or as the item best for mementos or gifts. Size: Approx. 8cm Material: Silver 925 (body) It takes about 1 month to make each item after your payment is confirmed.

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