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銀器・信楽焼 小皿 Small plate made with silver and ceramic (Shigaraki pottery)

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上川宗照(有限会社 日伸貴金属) Sousho KAMIKAWA (NISSIN kikinzoku) http://waza.tokyo/craftsman/93 高貴な銀器の煌きと、温かみのある信楽焼をコラボレーションした新しい伝統工芸の小皿です。特別なお客様へのおもてなしや記念品、贈答品としてご好評を頂いております。 A new type of traditional handcraft small plate with the harmony of precious glittering of silver ware and warm atmosphere of Shigaraki pottery. They have been taken favorably as the item not only to entertain your special guests or as the item best for mementos or gifts. Size: Approx. 12cm x 12cm x 6cm Material: Pure silver (inside) and ceramic-Shigaraki pottery (outside) It takes about 1 month to make each item after your payment is confirmed.

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